Our fearless leader has been in the wholesale and retail apparel business for more than 40 years. First as an owner and buyer in her chain of specialty retail kids stores throughout Texas and now on the wholesale rep side. After closing her stores in 1974 an industry vet, Irwin Chaiken, put the bug in her ear to open her own showroom. As she says “All I knew was I wanted my customers to feel like they were a guest in my home when they entered my showroom” She knew specialty stores were the backbone of the retail industry and then Irwin taught her the ropes in the department store arena. With that southern hospitality in tow, she launched into The Klein Group and now years later is proud of the business she has created.



Married to our fearless leader, Marilyn for over 50 years, this money guy has stood the test of time, both in supporting Marilyn in all her ventures, which there are many of, and in supporting the staff and keeping them on task and budget. The longevity of both their love and business collaboration has and is continuing to stand the test of time. Denny, now "retired" handles all finance and works with Christine on back end reporting for The Klein Group.


Kids Manager

When a friend asked Patricia if she would be interested in working a market in October of 1995, Patricia was hooked. Her background in social work lends itself to the great compassion Patricia shows with the stores she works with and the brands she is in charge of. Always willing to lend a hand when needed, Patricia is a strong presence for The Klein Group. Marilyn’s first and oldest employee, Patricia is the essence of southern charm. Her focus these days are on selected brands and in working with specialty stores and department stores when needed.


Accessories Manager

This mom of 2 has been in fashion since she was a child. She is our Accessory Queen and this is where we love her. She has been in the kids’ wholesale business since 2001. Robin’s flair to always get involved has proved a strong quality when dealing with customers and manufacturers alike. She is passionate about everything she touches and prides herself in helping everyone in her path. You will find Robin in our Dallas showroom and anywhere else she is needed when an accessory brand calls.


Tween Manager

Tierra is a fashion forward mommy of 1 beautiful son. Her background lies in retail and personal styling. She has a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising from Louisiana Tech University. Dallas was always in her vision to take on the fashion industry. Here at The Klein Group, she helps add style and the latest trend to your tween girls life!


Showroom Support

She may be the rookie in the showroom, but Brenda spent over 30 years as a department store buyer, the last 16 years as the Senior Buyer for all Baby products at JCPenney. After she retired, she thought she was just helping a friend work for The Klein Group for one market. She quickly jumped back into the world of kids product and is now in our showroom every week. You may find her selling, filing orders, or staffing our markets, but Brenda is quick to welcome all to The Klein Group. Brenda is the mother of 3 daughters and grandmother of 2 very sweet girls and spends most weekends on the soccer fields watching them .


Department Store Manager

Elizabeth, a mom of three and a former Neiman Marcus Kids buyer, was looking for a part time job when we scooped her right up. Now years later as a permanent part of The Klein Group, Elizabeth’s specialty is our department stores. She travels all over the country working closely with Marilyn, our brands and department stores and managing the day to day needs of both. During markets you will also see her pitching in and helping out wherever necessary.


Showroom Support

Maureen is a true industry vet! She has been in the business more years than we have been around and The Klein Group is so fortunate to have her on our team. You will find her in Atlanta welcoming and greeting our stores. She organizes us for all our appointments and really is the essence of how Marilyn saw her showrooms. Originally from England, she has added a charm and warmth to Atlanta.


Consultant: Social Media/Back Office/RT and BB set ups

Owner of CMSM, LLC, Christine comes to us as a consultant, with over 25 years in the kids fashion business.  After managing top brands as an in house sales manager, she has successfully forayed into the consulting side of the business. Christine is in charge of our day-to-day back end operations as well as our social media and selling platforms.  Realizing a new direction for her business was necessary, she approached Marilyn to let her handle The Klein Group social media.  Once orders started coming in from the continuous posting, it was easy for her to slide in the reporting part of the business as this is what she handles for other clients.  The new platform on social media has been an exciting avenue to learn and we love seeing how great all the brands and the stores are at creating their destiny.  She says: "partnering with The Klein Group has allowed me to expand and explore new avenues. Always an industry leader it's exciting working with a company who is not afraid to take chances and lead the way in the kids business."


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